Our Story

Hi. We're Events for Chess.

More than 13 years ago, we had a vision: An integrated, online platform to promote chess and chess events throughout the United States.

One where organizers, tournament directors, and participants could have a seamless experience connecting, interacting, and transacting.

And that gave us our mission: Make chess events more accessible.

That means transforming the way chess events market and sell. For the better.

Organizers from around the country can now promote their events online; enabling participants to plan their event participation schedule, register online, and maximize their experience.

The concept and site was created by Jonathan Shacter. An expert chess player, a US Chess National Tournament Director, and a FIDE National Arbiter. Jonathan was the 2010 recipient of the US Chess Tournament Director of the Year award, a former board member of the Southern Arizona Chess Association (1998-2002 and 2006-2010), and has several appearances in the popular chess movie Brooklyn Castle.

Events for Chess is the only website you will ever have to visit to find chess events around the country.

We're just getting started, so join us.